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E cards



Looking into Motions invitations

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So its… 02.08 and I’m handing in my work in less than 15 hours. Ive completed my evaluation today and printed last bits and bobs. Triple checked everything but will check it all again I’m sure before I go to bed.

My print problem. I have obviously printed out the pages of the prospectus but they look a little dodgy. They need touching up ever so slightly but like a said, my free trail has ran out. So the plan for tomorrow is, wake up super early. Go to get some glue and robe or something to somehow bind the book in a fashion that will pass. Get to College, Print out the booklet using Indesign ‘Print Booklet’ Option. Cut it out as its A5, staple it together, glue it to a thicker piece for the ‘heart’ of the book and make it look as bookish as I can. Thats all I can do to hopefully show that it has the potential to be a book and I have done all my measurements and Print lingo to show I know what I am talking about.

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Last minute dot never ending!

Always something else.. I think yeah. I’m almost done, then I remember something else. I guess its good by gosh am I tired. Just been printing all paper work. Organising my file which seems to change every hour. Its almost all in, annotations included and progress hopefully shows clearly, which is the main goal really. To show I have learnt something and its been implemented into my work. Whihc I can honestly say it has. If I’m honest, normally I never refer back to my scrap book for ideas and inspiration. With this project I do it all the time, which shows me that I am doing it right. I am actually finding useful information, compiling it as research and referring back to it when needed. Its a good feeling, not great that it has taking me till this level to achieve it.. but its the truth.

I feel I am getting better at this whole thing.. And a first, I also thought this learning log was a waste of my time.. but I have found it to be quite useful. Its helped me through some personal rants and helped me regroup and think a situation over. I find my self.. like for instants this particular post, logging into WordPress, with nothing relevant to post but I just right exactly how I feel and something hopefully worth reading comes out of it and I remember things that I might have not thought of. So yes, Incase your wondering.. blogging this way, really works.

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Problem Unsolved


I made the mistake of not checking hard enough online for a cheaper way to print my booklet. I really wanted to use the local printers so I could see how the process worked and be involved in the process and really get a first hand feel to how it is done. Almost every printer I went to said the job it too small and if they could it would be too expensive. I gave up on the idea of getting the booklet printed, thinking, I’ll just print it using a standard printer and discuss  what exactly how I would want it printed so the if I ever got it printed or my client wanted to, they would easily be able to.


However, just recently, a few days before my hand in date, I came across a site that could have printed my prospectus for a reasonable price, but being bank holidays, I no longer have enough working days to print it.


I am really disappointed and regret my  decision for on wanted to see the printing process so much  that it has actually stopped me printing my booklet. Time has just flown by and but I just have to hope that being able to imagine it all as a booklet is enough.

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Too expensive

I’m trying to get quotes for printing the one Booklet and its just too expensive for me. I can’t afford £80 for on booklet, Il just have to print it on standard paper and hope that just the concept and the research shows that I know what sort of print paper and Cover I would have used to get the best possible out come for this Prospectus.

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Silly man!

I went to print some of my work today, just went to a little place in Rusholme called the Mail Box, see if I could get my Prospectus printed, soon as the College won’t be printing it professionally now. They said they don’t print in small numbers, (I was so annoyed) I said its like 30 pages! He replied with, small prints will cost around £10 a page. O I could have said a lot back. It was ridiculous, I understand for big companies, with big machines, just to set the printer up is a lot of time and effort, especially for just one booklet. But this place and they way I wanted to get it simply printed with a binder running through it, I hardly think that would be that difficult and if it was for that tiny little man, he shouldn’t be working there!

Anyway, I printed it out in colour with a standard printer, not sure what I am going to do now, I may try binding it myself, just to get a better idea.

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I remember watching this video before I had done any research on it and was like ?. Type is an interesting subject, who would have thought. I still haven’t quite got the hang on it, there is just so much to understand. The things that have helped me is knowing which is easy to read, how to distort them to give them more effect and and the basic knowledge of what type is best suited in certain publication. Having just the basic knowledge has helped me greatly, I’ve learnt that it can be the type that can either make or break your work and for a long time, it was always breaking. I shall continue to search into it and make sure I’m getting the best of of Type to enhance my work.

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Time is flying through the air

O dear, my free trail for adobe is coming to an end. I can hardly afford to buy it right now. Il just have to finish as much as I can and hope to finish it. hmmm.. this doesn’t sound to professional does it. Trail and error? nope, doesn’t really come down to that either.. where stupidity, Yep! thats the one. What can I do? I can do what I can, and then finish the rest at college where the software is at. but o no! the college is shut for Christmas. This isn’t good. I don’t know what I am going to do…

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Print and Finish

Print and Finish- Gavin Ambrose

This book is getting me through, packed with all I need to know on priniting. A lot of the prinitng methods used in this book are not so easily usable in the UK as its is just too expensive to print it. But its always good knowledge for me to have.


There is zoo much information out there.. why am I only looking at all this now. I should have researched this stuff ages ago and got so much more.  even still,  i think its covered most of what I wanted to learn about which is great.

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